Parent/Camper Info

We want to be your campers home away from home while they are at camp. We understand that sending your children to camp can bring up a few questions. This page is designed to bring you information about your child’s time at camp. We want you to have full confidence that while at camp your child will in good hands and accessible. Click through our camp tour (on the main page) to see where your child will be staying. Below you will find answers to the TOP  questions asked by parents just like you!

Questions about Camp and Covid


1.IS TIMBER CREEK OPEN? YES! Beginning in Late June 2020, we began to reopen camp activities. Utilizing important and well thought out protocols, we have been able to hold events successfully, and continue to do this safely into 2022.  We place camper and guest safety as our highest priority! We are open and ready to see you at camp!!

2.HOW HAS TIMBER CREEK DEVELOPED SUCCESSFUL PROTOCOLS? Timber Creek has  utilized an advisory group of medical professionals to guide our protocols,  Mississippi health guidelines, National Camp research and resources through CCCA, CDC guidelines, and successful camp safety measures. We have also participated in National Zoom conference meetings with camp professionals across the country multiple times each month for over 20 months. These conference calls continue to this day as we plan and revise protocols appropriately in 2022.

3.WHAT PROTOCOLS HAVE MADE CAMPS SUCCESSFUL AT TIMBER CREEK? Our staff has placed attention to every area of camp life to make it safe and effective. Please contact us for a FULL explanation of these protocols. (601-536-9012).  Here are just a few we have been using that have proven successful.

1.We sanitize and disinfect tables, chairs, and equipment after each use

2.Our food service is  safeguarded with our staff serving meals using masks and gloves, as well as providing pre-packaged silverware, condiments, and single use dispensers. Our serving line follows  social distancing floor decals to maintain 6’ separation.

3.At meal service we continue to provide some extra spacing in our dining hall to meet needs, and also keep it from being too congested.

4.We Utilize all of our exciting outdoor activities to provide large open spaces to have fun as campers spread out across our extensive camp property

5.Use of Masks: As of January, 2022 our policy continues to be Recommended Not Required. At Timber Creek no masks are required outside for any activity. Inside we recommend the use of masks when social distancing is not possible, although not a requirement currently. Our camp staff will sometimes still use masks in the dining hall and in certain locations on a limited basis when necessary, and when entering a sleeping space to take care of a need when campers/adults are present.

6.We utilize no touch hand sanitizing stations and encourage groups and leaders to also bring hand sanitizer. All our spaces are equipped with anti-bacterial soap.

4.IS THE TIMBER CREEK STAFF SCREENED FOR COVID-19 before any and all events? YES! Camper safety is our top priority so all Timber Creek Staff are monitored on a daily basis to make sure no symptoms or exposure are present. We have very strict protocols and no staff member is allowed around campers if any sign of Covid is suspected.


Absolutely. We have a well developed and proactive plan to deal with any suspected COVID issues that occur during camp. In simple terms we will isolate the camper and his/her cabin roomates, determine the need for testing, and use nearby testing locations if needed (located only 10 minutes from camp). Testing will be the choice and responsibility of the group leader who booked the retreat. Based on a negative test result the camper and cabin roomates can resume all camp activities. In the case of a positive test result the person and their cabin roomates will isolate completely until a pickup can be arranged to leave camp property . We have dedicated Covid spaces at camp for these medical needs should they arise.

These  questions are meant to give you a simple  overview of our very detailed safety protocols. If you would like to ask more detailed questions please contact us at 601-536-9012.

What will my camper be doing while at Timber Creek?

In short: HAVING A BLAST! We offer full court basketball, 9-Square-in-the-air, four square, 2-Octoball/Gaga Ball Arenas, hiking trails, tether ball, canoeing, volleyball, a 32 foot climbing wall (staffed by Timber Creek), a 34 foot indoor climbing wall, (staffed by Timber Creek), a challenge course (staffed by Timber Creek), swimming,  adventure games, archery, obstacle course (staffed by Timber Creek), life-sized Human Foosball arena, 18 holes of Frisbee Golf, Corn Hole, and ping pong to name a few. These offerings in combination with your group leader’s plans are sure to make your camper’s time a memorable one.

**Note: During the summer, Centrikid Camp Cycles  utilize the Climbing wall, Obstacle Course and Challenge Course for the Adventure track time option. If you want to reserve the rock wall during free time send in your request directly to Centrikid.**

Can I send a letter to my camper?

Yes! We encourage you to be a part of your child’s camp experience by dropping them a letter to let them know you are thinking of them while they are away.

You can mail your note to your camper at 8113 Morton Marathon Road, Pulaski, MS, 39152. Please place your letter in the mail 4-5 days prior to your camper’s arrival date. Also, please list your group’s name on the envelope.

Are the cabins temperature controlled?

Yes. All buildings at camp are equipped with digitally controlled heat and air conditioning. Your camper will be as warm or as cool as they like. With hot summers and cold winters, we have made sure your camper will be comfortable no matter the season!

What does my camper need to bring?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Although most groups have a packing list they suggest, we would like to offer some simple help in this area. We suggest bringing: Casual camp clothes, Sheets & blankets or sleeping bag, Pillow, Toiletries, towels, garbage bag for dirty or wet clothes, flashlight, bug spray, sunscreen during summer months, bath mat for outside the shower, and of course a bible and journal to study and record how God moves while here at camp.

Is it easy to get to Timber Creek? Where is it located?

We are located just 10 minutes off of exit 80. Once you leave the interstate you will only take one turn to arrive at Timber Creek. In cases where you might have to come and pick up your camper, this will make it easy to locate us! Simply take exit 80 off I-20 and head south for 3 miles on HWY 481. Turn left @ the Timber Creek Camp sign (by the small Pulaski Post Office) and travel three miles on Morton Marathon Road. After three miles you will see the camp entrance on your right!

Who do I contact in the case of a family emergency?

We encourage each group leader to carry their cell phone at all times. This person will be your first point of contact. During the summer try your group leader, then the Centrikid Director’s number, and then the camp number. If you are unable to reach your group’s leader, you may call 601.536.2130 or 601.536.9012.  The camp number rings in the main office as well as the kitchen. We will be happy to relay any message to your group leader and your camper!

My camper has a food allergy.  What do I do?

Because of the volume of people who come through Timber Creek every year, we are well acquainted with how to accommodate most any food allergies. We understand that your camper does not want to be singled out because of his or her allergy. It is our goal to work in tandem with your camper’s group leader to make this a non-issue. As a precaution, we DO NOT have any menu items that contain peanuts or tree nuts. We also do not cook with peanut oil. If you have questions about  food that may be made at a facility that processes items with nuts please contact us and our team will be glad to talk with you. We will help prepare food according to your camper’s food allergy, and serve them from the line just like every other camper! Rest easy. We will take care of this for you. Please know that we are not able to accommodate “food preferences” due to the large number of people who attend Timber Creek.

**During the summer all Centrikid allergies need to first be submitted through the Centrikid website and contacts. This also needs to be done at least 7 days prior to your Centrikid camp. This is absolutely crucial for us to serve your needs.

**During other times of the year please call 601.536.9012 or email to make our staff aware of your campers specific needs. IMPORTANT: Please send us this information at least 7 days before arriving at camp so we have time to prepare.

Do you have first aid at camp?

YES! We do have a first aid supplies to handle most situations. It is stocked to handle everything from cuts and scrapes, allergic reactions to food, or stings. However, please know that if you are a part of a group rental or with Centrikid all first aid will be taken care of by a leader of that group. We can only give our supplies to a group leader and not a camper. 

What if my camper needs medical attention?

We are located only 10 minutes away from Scott County Regional Hospital and only 35 minutes away from Merit Health River Oaks Hospital or Merit Health Crossgates hospital. In the case of an emergency that rises above the level of being handled by your group leader and/or the camp staff, your group leader will be able to transport your camper to the hospital to receive medical attention. Each group leader is briefed on the location of and directions to the hospital.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we also have specific protocols in place to deal with any suspected symptoms or cases. Please review a brief description of these plans in the Q&A section above – Question # 5.

For more information please reach out to us at 601-536-9012

Follow this link to learn more about their services:

What if my camper needs a staff member during their stay?

At Timber Creek we pride ourselves on group response time. In most cases, we will be where your group or camper needs us within minutes! Upon arrival, your group leader is provided with the host on duty’s contact information. This host is available to the group 24 hours a day during your camper’s stay. During the summer, both the Centrikid staff and Timber Creek Staff are always available.

No matter how small the need, we are here to make your camper’s time away from home a comfortable one. Tell your child not to hesitate to call on us. In order to ensure that camp is always a safe place, our staff is not allowed to be isolated with a camper at any time for any reason. We will connect with the group leader or in a group to take care of a need. That is what we are here for!!