Frequently Asked Questions

How did Timber Creek begin? 

From the very beginning, the establishment of Timber Creek Camp was a God-driven process. Guided by life-long dreams of operating a camp, David Cooke led the way by pursuing a God given  vision for Timber Creek in 1999. This vision became a reality in 2004 as Timber Creek hosted its first group. Now over 8,000 people make their way to this exciting camp ministry! It has become a place known for its commitment to detailed service and providing the space in a crowded culture for life-change. Timber Creek is about relationships!!  Timber Creek is is committed to offering unmatched camp experiences.

The establishment of Timber Creek was a new step on a journey that began over 40 years ago. Owned and operated by BreakThru Ministries (501c3), Timber Creek stands on the shoulders of the many faithful who engaged in God’s vision for this ministry. What started with a small group of youth ministers planning one event per year has now developed into a year-round camp that resources and host over 65 events annually! We praise God for His goodness to this ministry.

What are our Core Beliefs?

The Bible is the Word of God: divinely inspired, inerrant, infallible rule of faith.

There is one true God existing eternally as the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. One God – Three persons.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on Calvary, rose from the grave and ascended into Heaven to intercede for all people.

The Holy Spirit keeps believers current with Christ, assuring them of personal salvation, producing the fruit of God’s character, and empowering for Christian witness.

Men and women are created in God’s image, but because of sin, are tragically lost apart from God’s redeeming grace.

All people live under God’s mandate of repentance and through Christ are invited to be delivered from the guilt and power of sin and by faith in Christ restored to fellowship with Him.

All people who have lived in Christ will live eternally in Heaven, while eternal pain and separation from God awaits those who have rejected Christ.

What type of facilities do you have at camp?

Our facilities are designed for your comfort and enjoyment. We have several options for sleeping spaces. First we have 32 cabins that sleep 10 people. These cabins are temperature controlled with AC and heat. Beds are bunk style with 20 cabins having a double bed. Our bathrooms are well designed with 2 private showers, 2 private bathrooms, 3 sinks and 3 mirrors & PLENTY of outlets. Please look at our camp tour for a video tour.

We also have a traditional Bunkhouse (The Timbers) with 2 separate wings. Each wing sleeps 24 in bunk style beds with central heat and air. The bathrooms are similar to our cabins but with more showers, bathrooms, sinks and mirrors.

Another sleeping space is called The Woods. This building has 6 rooms that sleep up to 5 people with a common bathroom area at one end of the building. The bathroom has 4 private showers, 3 private toilets, and plenty of sinks and mirrors.  This building can only accommodate either girls or guys at one time.

Our newest sleeping space is called The Pines. This building has 6 individual private rooms. Each room can sleep up to 6 people bunk bed style and are temperature controlled with AC and heat. The bathrooms have 2 private showers, 2 private toilets, 2 sinks and 2 mirrors.

We have gone to great lengths to make your stay as comfortable as possible while at Timber Creek. We take pride in keeping our facilities clean and up to date. Just recently we replaced all our mattresses so your stay would feel more like home. Please look at our map on the resources page to see where each building is located.

We also offer many different meeting space options. Our largest space is Lee Chapel. This worship center seats up to 425 people and is designed to meet all your needs. Lee Chapel has an exceptional sound system with floor box connections in the stage that can accommodate full bands or just a solo leader. We have a brand new video projector and large center screen for running presentations. Lee Chapel has 2 bathrooms. Please look at our camp tour for a video tour.

Other meeting spaces include the Burkes Room located in the Pines building. This space can accommodate up to 65 people and has a sound system and large LED projection TV for presentations.

Also in The Pines we have the Lamar Room. This space can hold up to 30 people. In The Timbers Bunkhouse we have a meeting space in between the 2 wings that can accommodate up to 35-40 people.

One of our most used meeting space is Cooke Cabin. Cooke cabin can hold 80-90 people and includes a sound system, projector, and large screen. It also includes 2 bathrooms.

Still looking for more options? We have another space in our dining hall that we call the Overflow Room. This space can accommodate up to 50 people. As you can see we have tried to give our guests as many options as possible. Again…please go to our camp tour page to see pictures and videos of our facilities.

What do we bring to camp?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Although most groups have a packing list they suggest, we would like to offer some simple help in this area. We suggest bringing: Casual camp clothes, Sheets & blankets or sleeping bag, Pillow, Toiletries, towels, garbage bag for dirty or wet clothes, flashlight, bug spray, sunscreen during summer months, bath mat for outside the shower, and of course a bible and journal to study and record how God moves while here at camp.

My camper has a food allergy. Who needs this information?

Because of the volume of people who come through Timber Creek every year, we are well acquainted with how to accommodate most any food allergies. We understand that your camper does not want to be singled out because of his or her allergy. It is our goal to work in tandem with your camper’s group leader to make this a non-issue. We will prepare food according to your camper’s food allergy and serve them from the line just like every other camper! Rest easy. We will take care of this for you. Call 601.536.9012 or email to make our staff aware of your campers specific needs. Please note this applies only to allergies and not to food preferences.

**NOTE: During the Centrikid Summer Camp Cycles you will need to report any allergies directly to Centrikid at least 1-2 weeks before your camper arrives asking for special attention. Centrikid will give this information to our Kitchen Manager who will call and discuss the allergies directly with the parent. Our Kitchen Manager will also meet with the camper and leader the first day of camp in the Dining Hall at 4:15.**

Do you have first aid at camp?

YES! We do have a first aid station to handle most situations. It is stocked to handle everything from cuts and scrapes, allergic reactions to food, or stings. However, please know that if you are a part of a group rental or with Centrikid all first aid will be taken care of by a leader of that group. We can only give supplies to group leaders.

What if my camper needs professional medical attention?

We are located only 10 minutes away from Scott County Regional Hospital and only 35 minutes away from River Oaks Hospital and 45 minutes from Baptist and St. Dominics. In the case of an emergency that rises above the level of being handled by your group leader and/or the camp staff, your group leader will be able to transport your camper to the hospital to receive medical attention. Each group leader is briefed on the location of and directions to the hospital. Follow this link to learn more about their services:

How do I get to Timber Creek Camp?

We are located just 10 minutes off of exit 80. Once you leave the interstate you will only take one turn to arrive at Timber Creek. In cases where you might have to come and pick up your camper, this will make it easy to locate us! Simply take exit 80 off I-20 and head south for 3 miles on HWY 481. Turn left @ the Timber Creek Camp sign and travel three miles on Morton Marathon Road. After three miles you will see the camp entrance on your right!

Who do I contact in the case of a family emergency?

We encourage each group leader to carry their cell phone at all times. During Centrikid summer camps you will call your group leader, then the Centrikid Director. If you are unable to reach your group leader, simply call 601.536.2130 or 601.536.9012. This number rings in the main office as well as the kitchen. We will be happy to relay any message to your group leader and your camper!